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When You Come Through A Storm

27 Sep

imageWith Lisa’s surgery this week….please enjoy puppy pictures. Our Luna is having the time of her little life back in Bacalar. I’m afraid she will find us boring upon our return. The Tortas will be back next weekend. Our Internet is up and running in our new house after all!!

She likes the BIG dogs. Our friend Olga's dog, Monte Carlo.

I  like the BIG dogs. My friend Olga’s dog, Monte Carlo.

I was very tiny when the Tortas adopted me

At first I was too weak to climb the stairs, but not now!

At first I was too weak to climb the stairs, but not now!

We share.

Bonita is my new friend. We share.

Sleeping on me the bed, busted!

Sleeping on the bed, busted!

With my girl Bonita. We're all ears.

We’re all ears.

Thanks Alex and Austin for the great pictures and taking such good care of our girl.

Starting A Whole New Chapter

20 Sep

Arriving at the doctors office, I found the place packed. Doctors in Mexico have evening and Saturday hours as a norm. My doctor’s wife is also a doctor and they have alternating schedules to share care of their young children. I think that’s pretty cool.

It didn’t take me long to realize that the crowd was due to the fact that no one goes to the doctor alone in Mexico. The office next to Dr Rosaldo is that of an OB/GYN. A young woman and her husband came out and half the room stood up. Grandparents, et. al. were there for the news, “it’s a girl”. The family also seemed to know everyone in the room. Heads nodded and congratulations were expressed. The woman sitting next to me quietly leaned over and shared that the couple had an eleven year old daughter and were hoping for a boy. I thought I detected a less than enthusiastic response.

Our daughter moved into her third trimester. She is expecting a boy. Myself I never wanted to know ahead of time. It felt like spoiling Christmas morning to me.

From a few months ago. Aren't they lovely?

From a few months ago. Aren’t they lovely?

This week we head to Merida for Lisa’s back surgery. It’s a long story going back to a military airborne accident. There’s a time when life turns into pain management and you know you’re ready for more extreme measures. Now is that time.

After my swim across the Laguna. My cheerleader.

After my swim across the Laguna. My cheerleader of twenty-one years, Lisa.

When we return to Bacalar for physical therapy and recovery, it will be to our new home. Yesterday, with the help of our project manager, David, we moved the trailer that accompanied us on our sojourn two years ago.

Anyone need to buy a trailer?

Anyone need to buy a trailer?

Within minutes our workers had offloaded our couch, artwork and many other things we hadn’t seen since Texas. ¡Qué emoción! to see the empty trailer.

Thank you David!

Thank you David!

David and I spent the afternoon unpacking. Part of Lisa’s therapy will be to organize and create order, a task she excels at and loves.

The pantry fills.

The pantry fills.

We have the promise of several weeks of meal delivery which will help immensely. I haven’t seen my “kitchen” in two years (dishes, pots and pans).

The stairway to heaven finished.

The stairway to heaven finished.

Send your prayers and good thoughts. I will do my best to post on FACEBOOK. We are starting a whole new chapter in a new home. DOS TORTAS

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Meet The Newest Torta – Luna

13 Sep

EVERYONE in Bacalar had told us “you need to get a dog”. We smiled and nodded and voiced some minor objections. We have never owned a dog (together) in the twenty one years of our relationship. Our busy lives and raising kids didn’t leave a lot of room. So how the heck do we now have three dogs???

Left in a bag on the street covered in ticks and fleas.

Left in a bag on the street covered in ticks and fleas.

Bacalar is a small town. Dogs can be seen running the streets, skeletal, covered in mange and injured. It is too big a problem for us bleeding heart expats to do much about. But it can make a difference to one dog, or three.

Dogs eat garbage, protect the home on a short chain and are dismissed as having much of a life at all. I’ve blogged on the topic previously.

A trip to the vet. Everything checked out.

A trip to the vet. Everything checked out.

Luna came into our lives when our friends heard whimpering in the middle of the night and found her. She was in bad shape unable to lift her head to eat. After some tender mercies she rallied and was soon showing her sweet disposition. We were smitten with puppy love at first meeting.

She definitely prefers a full body siesta.

She definitely prefers a full body siesta.

Life is full of puppy training videos, chew toys and hourly trips to “go potty”. She is about eight weeks old. Sleep when the baby sleeps does not only apply to humans.

Luna loves belly rubs.

Luna loves belly rubs.

We are now moms to a lively, intelligent, teething, and most welcome little critter. Oh, and the other two? Cielo and Sol have moved into our house before we did. Mexican street dogs are very loyal. Give them a regular meal and a head pat and they’re yours forever. A good reason we’re going to fence the yard.DOS TORTAS


Oh My God I Live With Dos Tortas

6 Sep

Olga – “Remember the time you did that juice fast and you wanted me to do it with you?? Hahaha!”

Living with Olga has been a blessing. When we suddenly lost our previous living arrangement, she stepped in to offer us a place to stay. We didn’t know each other well, but with the connection of a mutual friend, we gave it a go.

Olga, far left at our wedding reception in Bacalar.

Olga, far left at our wedding reception in Bacalar.

Olga is an accomplished businesswoman in Bacalar. She owns a thriving laundromat along the Costera. Her campground/hostel Jardin de Venus (Venus’s Garden) is always teaming with backpackers from around the world.

Lisa is definitely the glue. She is way more fun and entertaining than I am. A huge perk for us has been speaking Spanish at home. Our speaking and ability to hear has definitely improved.


Lisa and Olga.

Lisa – Olga’s been a great source of information and connection for us, from living in Bacalar to building our house. Small town Mexico is so much about who you know, and with knowing Olga, we’re in!

Olga – You both are very respectful of privacy and considerate of my space. We will always be friends and it’s nice to have people I trust.

Thank you Olga. We rented a room and made a friend. DOS TORTAS

The stub wall in our guest bath. We brought the glass blocks from Austin and were determined they were to go somewhere.

The stub wall in our guest bath. We brought the glass blocks from Austin and were determined they were to go somewhere.

Shelves the the bodega (pantry).

Shelves the the bodega (pantry).

Large screens finished on the porch.

Large screens finished on the porch.

The doors and windows will be installed this week. Another step closer.


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